The Telltale Signs of a Good Insurance Agent

Good Insurance Agent

It is not an easy task to find a good insurance agent, especially with the tons of insurance companies around who are always looking to make the sale no matter what. There are insurance agents who can work with you to find deals that benefit both the parties, and there are others who closely resemble used car salesmen: always looking for customers to make the sale, regardless.

So, how to find a good insurance agent who you can rely upon? The answer is in this article. We have set a list of few “To Do’s” while looking for insurance agents that might come handy while making your choice.

The “Good Deal” Test

One of the best ways to find a good insurance agent is to put them through the “good deal” test. For this, you will need to source out a few cheap insurance deals on your own that cover a lot of aspects that most policies don’t. Put those deals in front of your insurance agent and ask them what they can do for you considering the deals you were able to find without any outside help. If your agent agrees to work for you in this regard and succeeds in putting forward a better deal, you can be sure that he is the one. You’d be surprised to see how many insurance agents pass through this test.

Word-of-Mouth Reviews

Take a break from those useless Google reviews that are too up-and-down to be taken too seriously. Instead, try to get some word-of-mouth reviews from people that you can find. You can start by inquiring around the community you live in. Colleagues and friends can be of great help too, because everyone needs an insurance agent at some point of time. Also, try to get a few reviews rather than simply relying on one person’s views. If you can find a really good insurance agent using this method, you’ll be almost surprised to see how good this process can be compared to finding an insurance agent online, or offline on your own.

Find Quotes First

It so turns out that you might not be wowed at times by the insurance policy offered by the agent, but they’ll be the ones with whom you’d want to sign up. Because these guys can make your signing up as smooth as possible, and this is what you really need from an insurance agent. The price doesn’t always matter; what really matters is how simple and comprehensive the policy is. If you are getting an all-inclusive coverage for a little more than what you are getting for a cheaper deal that doesn’t cover everything you need, you’d, in that case, want to go for the former one. Because it completes the meaning of your insurance policy. The latter one doesn’t, or may be, only partially does.

Attitude of the Insurance Agent

Another thing to consider while buying an insurance is the insurance agent’s attitude. If the agent seems too eager to make you sign up for a policy without asking you questions or giving you a chance to shoot yours, you should know that the company is in a hurry to make the sale. You’ll want to avoid such companies. A good insurance agent will always be able to close the deal without having to be pushy. He/she will take your individual consideration to heat and then get in action to find the best deal that works for you.

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